Why cyber training must be about results, not ticking boxes

Well-implemented training and development courses can play an invaluable role in strengthening a business, improving its access to essential skills without relying on contract workers or the expensive and often unpredictable recruitment process. Despite these benefits however, it is still all too common to find that organisations treat training activity as a simple tick-box exercise, completed for the sake of corporate objectives or regulatory requirements.

At best, this approach is a colossal waste of time, capital, and most importantly, potential. However, in some circumstances it can also pose serious problems for the business.

Cyber security is one of the best examples of how an apathetic attitude to training and development can put the organisation at direct risk. Cyber-attacks have become one of the biggest threats facing businesses today. A recent report from the UK Government found that roughly 32 percent of all UK businesses had reported a security breach or attack in the last 12 months, with the percentage climbing to 61 percent for large businesses.

Implementing effective security training and development is one of the most effective ways an organisation can mitigate the risk of suffering a security incident and avoiding becoming yet another addition to the mounting statistics on cyber victims. Training can enable a company to both upskill IT personnel with valuable security capabilities and help cyber professionals to gain even more advanced skillsets.

However, even cyber skills are often treated as a compliance exercise, with firms simply selecting courses based on cost and convenience, rather than the impact on the business’s security capabilities.

At Raytheon Professional Services, our number one priority is always to ensure that our courses will deliver the skills and knowledge that will enable employees to develop and grow, and in turn make a real difference to the organisation.

All of our engagements are built around our “Understanding First” approach, ensuring we really listen and pay attention to what a customer wants to achieve. We go beyond simply providing training the company thinks it needs and strive to act as a consultant that can help each company to identify other training and learning skills gaps it may not even have been aware of.

From here, we qualify the company’s needs into something that can be met through specific training and development activity and create a bespoke training framework that is designed specifically to meet those needs.

Our commitment to our customers’ success doesn’t end when the course does. We always remain fully engaged after the completion of the course so that we can assist in properly evaluating the success of the training delivered, and plan for the future.

Get in touch with our team to find out how Raytheon Professional Services can design and develop a personalised cyber security-training programme that will go beyond ticking boxes and make a real difference in defending your organisation from cyber threats.